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you are everything i ever wanted.

『 Kornet, the Popcorn 』
8 January 1989
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• simplicity is perfect •
changing hues, the change of seasons
will leave you no clues; as desperation spreads within a broken soul, life leaves you feeling dead; but just like Mathis singing, on a low-down Sunday afternoon; the blues split apart, all my senses depart as I see you come into view
perfect; true faith ♪

kornet. formerly known as pandarot. female. 01081989. eighteen. proud filipina. chinita. spammer. certified slowpoke. all around lazy bum. procrastinator. "palitaw". single. social retarded. loves to sleep. can be nice, can be mean. lousy conversationalist. easily gets attached to people. still want to be her friend?

WIPs, ideas, RL, etc. are flocked.
finished works are usually in public.
feel free to defriend me any time;
likewise, expect me to do the same.

x x x x x x